In April of 2010 Carpe Donut began offering our signature donut for wholesale distribution as a frozen product. Since then, we have expanded to over fifteen retail venues and growing!

We offer the donut in both food service packaging of loose pack cases of 72 donuts each, or cases of 12 packages of half dozen each, labeled of individual resale from the freezer case. Both packaging systems include simple instructions for thawing and/or reheating. The donuts are frozen minutes after cooling, and retain their quality wonderfully. We have had wonderful feedback from hundreds of customers who love Carpe Donuts from the freezer.

If you are interested in carrying our donuts in your retail business, please contact us to see if we can supply them to you. We can discuss pricing, storage options, and custom options. The cases of frozen donuts measure 8″x10″x14″.

We are earnestly pursuing regional and national distribution partners.  We are currently in the Central Virginia, Richmond, and Metro DC markets. We have a full service distributor in Shenandoah Foods that allows us to sell our donuts as far south as Richmond and as far north as Maryland.We are very interested in expanding to the Philadelphia and Raleigh-Durham areas!

Carpe Donut Wholesale Price List

Shipped Retail Sleeve Case:

72 donuts packaged in individual sleeves of 6 with a label/bar code to be sold in a commercial freezer case.
M.S.R.P is $5.99 per sleeve.
Wholesale case price: $47.52
Shipped Food Service Case:

72 donuts packaged together to be sold individually at a deli counter/bakery counter.
M.S.R.P. Is $1.19 per donut
Wholesale case price $39.60