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About Us

The Story of Carpe Donut...

Once upon a time (July 2007 to be exact), two donut-loving fools decided that the people of Charlottesville, Va. needed a source for hot fresh donuts made from scratch with fresh organic ingredients.Tender and steamy on the inside…slightly crisped on the outside…..dusted with crunchy melty cinnamon sugar…..and infused with the mellow sweetness of apple cider.

Matt Rohdie and his wife, Jen Downey, have been making from-scratch organic donuts since 2007, offering their delectable treats to customers in and around Charlottesville. Traveling to local fairs, concerts, and other events in their mobile donut truck, called Gypsy, Rohdie and Downey strive to create a sublime donut- eating experience for their customers. The donuts are made with local apple cider, and used frying oil is converted into biofuel.

It’s all about the fine Ingredients!

You have probably never eaten a donut like this. We start with organic flour, organic eggs, organic apple cider, and organic spices. Add pure organic sugar and non-aluminated baking powder and now you know all the ingredients. We cook all our donuts in 100% pure soybean oil. No hydrogenation, no trans-fats, no shortening.

We love being able to work together as a family, and spend time out in the community chatting with friends old and new over something as fine and simple as a donut.

We believe in real food. We believe in organic food. We
believe in locally-produced food. We also believe in lots of
pure cane sugar, because hey, a donut is a donut.

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