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Frequently Asked Questions

During the 2hr service window, your guests can come up to our
cart as many times as they’d like to get a donut, drink, etc. and they can
even grab some to bring to their tables.

If you order our favor boxes, then yes! If not, no. We will not be
bagging/boxing/handing out donuts to-go at the end of the evening.

We do require that you give us your full guest count. We do not
charge for alcohol for children.

Our pricing is catering pricing. You choose which menu items
you want us to serve your guests, and your total price is the cost of the
menu items multiplied by your guest count. And this total must reach our
$1000 event minimum. In addition, we have a travel fee that may apply
depending on your location, as well at a 6% gratuity add on.

No, because we have to operate under the assumption that all
your guests will want each item. We don’t want to run out and have
anyone disappointed.

Yes! If you have a particular donut flavor in mind, let us know
and we’re happy to make your dreams come true. Additionally, we’re also
happy to do cultural twists on donuts; in the past we’ve done churros,
zeppole, and gaujas.

We have not yet successfully been able to develop our own GF
donuts. If you would like to have donuts for your GF guests, we are
happy to purchase GF donuts from an outside vendor and fry them up
before our own donuts.
Unfortunately, we do not have a vegan donut option. For brunch
we have a vegan huevos rancheros we can do.

Gluten and eggs are the most common allergens in our donuts.

Yes, but any additional time over the first 2hrs is billed at
$50/hour, and there is no discount for less than 2hrs.


  • There is a $1000 minimum charge for all events.
  • Mileage is billed at $2.00 per mile after the first 30 miles and does not count towards event minimum.
  • A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date (½ of total).
  • The guest count, final menu and balance are due three weeks prior to your event date. After that guest count and menu items may be added but no reductions.
  • A 6% gratuity will be added to all events. The gratuity will be given directly to the staff providing direct service at your event.

We believe in real food. We believe in organic food. We
believe in locally-produced food. We also believe in lots of
pure cane sugar, because hey, a donut is a donut.

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